Monday, March 1, 2010

the pattern

It took me a while, and I got distracted by WoW, but here's the tank top I'm gonna make with my t-shirt yarn. Ribbon Xback I'ma have to make some adjustments though. I tend to work tightly so I have to use bigger needles than patterns call for, and I don't have needles anywhere close to what it calls for. Oh well, I'll just have to make due.


Well, unless I post this now and immediately post something else, 3 a week isn't happening . . . yet (hopefully). I just recently turned a t-shirt I didn't like, and was never going to wear into yarn. Now to find something to do with one t-shirt of yarn. When I figure this out I shall have to post pictures, and maybe a tutorial. Ooh! I should destr--I mean turn some more t-shirts into yarn and knit up a tank top. I have just the pattern! *Shuffles off to work on new-found project*